Installation for processing raw metals built by "GE2 I VI"

Installation for processing raw metals, built by “GE2 I VI”

Project Management and Construction Services

Our construction company was created in 2003; our primary area of business is construction and project management. The company has multiple completed projects including single family homes, residential buildings, hotels, administrative and public buildings on the territory of Sofia and many other cities. Our priorities when approaching each project are quality of the constructed project, style and treating each potential partner, investor and contractor with the maximum level of openness and honesty. Our head office is located in the city of Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our Customers Come First

The company is focused on satisfying the requirements of each client to the maximum degree possible. You, the Client are invited and encouraged to share your appraisal of the completed product or service. We collect our clients’ responses after the completion of the projects and use this data for analysis and appraisal of our own work afterward. This is why your feedback is very important to us.

The Construction Professionals

We consider our creating beautiful and quality buildings our calling. You will find we possess all the proficiency, experience and various types or resources required to complete any small or mid-sized residential or industrial construction project. We are able to offer the most optimal way to carry it out without making a compromise with your requirements and the quality of construction or the materials used.

What We Offer:

  • Consulting and research services and execution of construction projects;
  • Preparation, planning and construction of residential, public or industrial buildings;
  • Reconstruction and refurbishing of existing buildings;
  • Довършителни работи до ключ; Finishing tasks in the final stage of the construction;
  • An open and honest attitude, keeping the deadlines agreed upon and open communication.

GE 2 I VI’s Capabilities

The company employs over 70 experienced construction specialists, technical and project managers as well as the necessary equipment, tools and construction machinery. GE 2 I VI Ltd.’s management team are fully qualified to deliver small and mid-sized construction projects of all types.

Company Registration

GE 2 I VI is registered with the Bulgarian Central Trade Registry, in the Construction category with the following allowed areas of business:

  • Group One – Construction of buildings from category II to category V.


Our management team:

  • G. Grancharov
  • G. Ivanov (construction engineer)
  • V. Viktorov


Our company has been active for more than 15 years and for that time we have achieved a very high level of client and partner satisfaction.